hey tumblr. I’m selling hand printed linocut valentines! They’re being sold in packs of 3 (the vagina design, the fight/love design and the I love my cunt) the backs of the design have the “damn you fine” and on the inside, in the bottom of the right side it says “consent is sexy.”  valentines come in sets of 3 and are $9 (note: because they are hand printed, ink lay will vary and it’s likely I will send you any fuck ups) here is a link to them on my etsy shop or you can just email me.

I’m planning on doing lots of collages, test prints, valentines batches and other cool things though besides just these three. I’m going to experiment with sewing things together and layering of inks, so keep your eye out for cheap valentine’s grab bags. I’m also going to be making custom couple cards (if you’re already interested in either of those those things shoot me an ask or an email (sydneydoran@gmail.com)